Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Clinton Becomes First Woman Presidential Nominee of Major U.S. Party

Youree Del Cleomill Harris, Famed TV Psychic Miss Cleo, Dies at 53 After Cancer Fight

Youree Del Cleomill Harris, who became a celebrity as hotline "psychic" Miss Cleo, died Tuesday after a battle with cancer, her lawyer said.

She was 53.

Harris died in Palm Beach County, Florida, surrounded by family and friends, attorney William Cone Jr. told NBC News. She had recently left the hospital for hospice care.

"She remained a pillar of strength throughout," Cone said in a statement. "She has touched so many lives, both within her family and in the community. She will be dearly missed by us all." 

Harris gained notoriety in the late 1990s as the face of the Psychic Readers Network, wearing colorful headdresses and speaking in a thick — and fake — Jamaican accent. 

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Dr. Jill Stein Is The New Bernie Sanders

Within his speech pushing for unity with Clinton, Bernie Sanders stated “I look forward to your votes during the roll call on Tuesday night.” Therefore, there’s perhaps a chance that he could still become Democratic nominee, although the WikiLeaks DNC emails have shown that the primary was rigged in favor of Clinton. Thus, Bernie Sanders supporters, and people who feel that they’ve experienced a roller coaster of emotions have another option; a candidate who wasn’t at risk of criminal indictments. Her name is Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, and she’s not only a remarkable woman, Stein offers hope to millions of people who feel cheated by the system. I explain in this YouTube segment why Bernie Sanders might truly want you to vote for Dr. Stein in 2016.

Jill Stein is becoming the new Bernie Sanders (if indeed Bernie doesn’t become Democratic nominee) according to an ABC News piece titled Green Party’s Jill Stein Offers Hope for Bernie Sanders Supporters:

“This is how you build political movements —- you have to gain trust and you have to work together and that’s what you can do in the course of a political campaign. You can test the waters and those waters right now are feeling very warm and welcoming,” she told ABC.

This is Stein’s second time through the presidential campaign process. She feels that this time, Sanders has helped her campaign…

“It’s quite different [this time]. In 2012, we were really ahead of the curve. This year, the curve caught up to us and we have Bernie Sanders who lifted up our agenda and it found incredible resonance in the polls among people who are activists,” she said.

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Source: The Huffington Post

‘DNC Hacker’ Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say


The hacker who claims to have stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee and provided them to WikiLeaks is actually an agent of the Russian government and part of an orchestrated attempt to influence U.S. media coverage surrounding the presidential election, a security research group concluded on Tuesday.

The researchers, at Arlington, Va.-based ThreatConnect, traced the self-described Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0 back to an Internet server in Russia and to a digital address that has been linked in the past to Russian online scams. Far from being a singly, sophisticated hacker, Guccifer 2.0 is more likely a collection of people from the propaganda arm of the Russian government meant to deflect attention away from Moscow as the force behind the DNC hacks and leaks of emails, the researchers found.

ThreatConnect is the first known group of experts to link the self-proclaimed hacker to a Russian operation, amidst an ongoing FBI investigation and a presidential campaign rocked by the release of DNC emails that have embarrassed senior party leaders and inflamed intraparty tensions turning the Democratic National Convention. The emails revealed that party insiders plotted ways to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid. 

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Source: The Daily Beast 

State Department Marks 26th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Special Advisor for International Disability Rights Judith Heumann opens today’s briefing on the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Elizabeth Trudeau, director of the Office of Press Relations, follows with the regular briefing. 

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Donald Trump Unveils Ten-Point Plan for Veterans and VFW National Convention

In remarks to the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Republican presidential nominee talks about his ten-point plan for veterans. His vice presidential running mate, Governor Mike Pence (R-IN), also delivers remarks. 

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President Bill Clinton's Role in 2016

David Maraniss, Washington Post associate editor, previewed former President Bill Clinton’s day two speech at the Democratic National Convention. Mr. Maraniss also discussed the former president’s role in his wife Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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Trailblazers in Black History: Kadiatou Diallo

This video was published on YouTube on Mar 22, 2014.
March 20, New York - Madam Kadiatou Diallo was one of the honorees at the African Women Empowerment Day at BCC in NYC. She emphasized the importance of women empowerment as she recounted the painful ordeal of her son's murder by members of the New York Police Department in 1999 at the prime age of 22.

Clinton Campaign Aims to Woo Sanders Voters, Millennials

PHILADELPHIA — As Hillary Clinton prepares to receive the Democratic presidential party nomination Tuesday, her campaign said it's been ramping up efforts to win over millennial voters, including Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who tend to favor Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) over the former secretary of state.

The news came at a Tuesday morning press conference with senior Clinton campaign officials, who said they learned during the primaries that relationships built early on in communities of color really mattered, and that their national messages on the issues must be tailored to specific communities. 

"Today, we get a chance to really showcase all the fights she's really had over the course of her career," said Amanda Renteria, Clinton's national political director, who added that Clinton's years of outreach extend to the AAPI, African-American, Latino, and LGBTQ communities.  

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Why Michelle Obama's DNC Speech Matters

Michael Jordan Donates $2 Million to Address Police-Related Shootings

In the past, basketball legend Michael Jordan has stayed away from speaking out on politics or social issues, but on Monday he broke his silence about recent racial tensions between police and communities. He announced he will be donating $1 million to the NAACP and another $1 million to an organization devoted to community-police relations.

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Source: NBC News/TODAY

'I'm Trying To Be a Bridge': Russell Simmons Pushes For Peace Between Police, Communities

Russell Simmons is a hip-hop icon and global celebrity, but chat with him awhile and he expresses that even wealth, fame and power don't guarantee fulfillment if there's no inner peace, or one's environment is chaotic. So at a time when America is grappling with a rash of killings involving police and black civilians, the mogul is pushing to encourage peace and healing in communities nationwide.

"My heart is broken for the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and all who've been victimized at the hands of police, and for the law enforcement officers who've senselessly lost their lives," said Simmons, Chairman and CEO of Rush Communications. "While I am saddened and outraged, I realize that throwing my hands up in frustration won't accomplish anything. I want to be part of the process to build trust between police and the community, and provide meaningful gestures that will help with reforms." 

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U.S. Expands Asylum Program for Central American Children

Parents hoping to help their children escape the humanitarian crisis in Central America will have more chances to seek asylum under a series of steps announced Tuesday by the Obama administration.

"Our efforts to date have been insufficient to address the number of people who may have legitimate refugee claims," said Amy Pope, the deputy White House homeland security adviser.

The changes will give parents a greater opportunity to begin the asylum process for their children in their home countries, "while discouraging people from placing children into the hands of smugglers, who take them on an extraordinarily dangerous journey across Mexico to get to the US," Pope said. 

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Desperate Search Continues for Missing Disabled Teen Aleah Beckerle

Aleah Beckerle, 19, was reported missing by her mother on Sunday, July 17, after she awoke and discovered Aleah was not in their Evansville, Indiana home. A stroke as an infant had left Aleah almost completely immobile and in need of constant care.

Her wheelchair and daily medication, meant to help control severe seizures, were left behind, according to police.

"Please, I'm begging whoever has my angel, this is day five without her precious smile waking up to me," Cara Beckerle, Aleah's mother, posted last Friday on Facebook. Monday marks day eight without Aleah. 

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Man Who Videotaped Alton Sterling’s Death Not Allowed Back to Work


By Angela Bronner Helm

The man who videotaped the chilling death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge La., has effectively been given the ax. And according to his lawyer, it’s because he posted Sterling’s death on social media.

According to WSB-TV, Christopher LeDay was arrested less than 24 hours after he posted video of Sterling being shot and killed by Baton Rouge police officers. Police came to his job at Dobbins Air Force Base and put the cuffs on him for alleged assault and battery.

LeDay’s lawyer says that he was taken in on false charges.

“He never had a warrant for an assault,” lawyer Tiffany Simmons told the station. “My client has never had any criminal history.”

She adds, “They never showed a warrant for an assault to my client. In fact, my client was held in DeKalb County Jail for at least 26 hours, and they never produced a warrant.”

Simmons told WSB-TV that when police could not produce a warrant, she was then told that her client was being held for unresolved traffic tickets. 

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Source: The Root

NAN to Host Civil Rights Leaders, Judge Mathis and Others at DNC Lunch

On July 28, at 12 p.m., the Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network (NAN), Judge Greg Mathis, Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, leading civil rights organization heads and Black clergy will take part in a discussion during a lunch at the Democratic National Convention. 

The event will be held at the Hilton Pennsylvania at Penn’s Landing, 201 South Christopher Columbus Blvd., and topics will include voting rights, police reform and what NAN describes as "critical election issues". 

Source: Mercury